Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology





11-16 May, 1999

Room 232 Amado Mathematics Building Technion, Haifa, Israel


organized and sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics and supported by the Reg & Eve Donner Family Chair in Mathematics held by Prof. Dov Aharonov and the Technion Management Chair held by Prof. Uri Srebro    

Organizers: Seppo Rickman (Finland) and Uri Srebro (Israel)

List of Participants
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu (Romania)
Stephen Buckley (Ireland)
Alicia Canton Pire (Spain)
Petru Caraman (Romania)
Vladimir Goldshtein (Israel)
Ana Granados (Spain)
Juha Heinonen (U.S.A.)
Ilkka Holopainen (Finland)
Tadeusz Iwaniec (U.S.A.)
William Johnson (U.S.A.)
Lavi Karp (Israel)
Tero Kilpelainen (Finland)
Juha Kinnunen (Finland)
Pekka Koskela (Finland)
Samuel Krushkal (Israel)
John Lewis (U.S.A.)
Joram Lindenstrauss (Israel)
Gaven Martin (New Zealand)
Olli Martio (Finland)
Volker Mayer (France)
Ruth Miniowitz (Israel)
Marcelina Mocanu (Romania)
Kirsi Peltonen (Finland)
Seppo Rickman (Finland)
Vladimir Ryazanov (Ukraine)
Swati Sastry (India)
Emil Saucan (Israel)
Gideon Schechtman (Israel)
Nageswari Shanmugalingam (U.S.A.)
Uri Srebro (Israel)
Dimitrii Trotsenko (Russia)
Pekka Tukia (Finland)
Jeremy Tyson (U.S.A.)
Jussi Vaisala (Finland)
Serguei Vodop’yanov (Russia)
Jang-Mei Wu (U.S.A.)
Eduard Yakubov (Israel)



Tuesday, 11 May

Morning session

* 09:00-09:50    Registration

* 09:50-10:00    Opening

* 10:00-10:50    Olli Martio (Helsinki, Finland)

                          Local Behavior of Quasiregular Mappings

* 11:00-11:20    Vladimir Ryazanov (Donetsk, Ukraine)

                           BMO and Branching Quasiregular Mapping

 * 11:20-13:00    Lunch

Afternoon session

* 13:00-13:50     Seppo Rickman (Helsinki, Finland)

                           Extension of Branched Covers with Application to Existence of


 * 14:00-14:20    Swati Sastry (Allahabad, India)

                           BMO-qc Automorphisms of the Upper Half-Plane

 * 14:20-15:30    Coffee

 * 15:30-16:20    Jussi Vaisala (Helsinki, Finland)

                           Are Nearisometries near Isometries?

 * 16:30-16:50    Kirsi Peltonen (Helsinki, Finland)

                           Contact Structures and Quasiregular Mappings

 * 17:00-17:45    John Lewis (Lexington, Kentucky)

                            On Pseudospheres that are Quasispheres

 * 18:00 An informal reception will be held in the 8th floor faculty room


Wednesday, 12 May

Morning session

* 09:00-09:50    Joram Lindenstrauss (Jerusalem, Israel)

                          Uniform Quotient Maps of the Plane

* 10:00-10:50    Pekka Tukia (Helsinki, Finland)

                          Limits of Trajectories under Teichmuller mappings

* 11:00-11:20    Eduard Yakubov (Holon, Israel)

                          BMO-Quasiconformal Mappings

 * 11:20-13:00    Lunch

Afternoon session

* 13:00-13:50    Volker Mayer (Lille, France)

                           Lattes Type Mappings and Rigidity of Chaotic Uniformly
                           Quasiregular Mappings

* 14:00-14:20     Dimitrii Trotsenko (Novosibirsk, Russia)

                           Extension of Bilipschitz Maps to the Plane

* 14:20-15:30     Coffee

* 15:30-16:20    Juha Heinonen (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

                          Spaces with Branched Lipschitz Coordinates I

 * 16:30-17:10   Jang-Mei Wu (Urbana, Illinois)

                           Fatou Theorem for p-Harmonic Functions on Trees

Thursday, 13 May

Morning session

* 09:00-09:50    Pekka Koskela (Jyvaskyla, Finland)

                          Mappings of BMO-Bounded Distortion

* 10:00-10:50    Juha Kinnunen (Helsinki,Finland)

                          Maximal Operator on Sobolev Spaces

* 11:00-11:20    Marcelina Mocanu (Bacau, Romania)

                          On Lindelof's Principle for Quasiregular Mappings

* 11:20-13:00 Lunch

 Afternoon session

* 13:00-13:20    Stephen Buckley (Maynooth, Ireland)

                          Weak Slice Conditions and Quasiconformal Images

* 13:30-13:50    Emil Saucan (Haifa, Israel)

                          On the Existence of Quasiregular Mappings

* 14:00-14:20    Petru Caraman (Iasi, Romania)

                          Remarks on the Equality between the p-Capacity and

                          the p-Module in Rn

* 14:20-15:30    Coffee

* 15:30-16:20    Juha Heinonen (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

                          Spaces with Branched Lipschitz Coordinates II

* 16:30-17:20    Gaven Martin (Auckland, New Zealand)

                           Some Problems in the theory of Quasiregular Mappings

 Friday, 14 May

Morning session

* 09:00-09:50    Ilkka Holopainen (Helsinki, Finland)

                          Harmonic Functions on Fingerless Ends

* 10:00-10:20    Cabiria Andreian Cazacu (Bucharest, Romania)

                          Quasiregular Skew Products

* 10:20-11:00    Coffee

 * 11:00-11:40    Tadeusz Iwaniec (Syracuse, New York)

                           Quasiharmonic Fields with Bounded Distortion

 * 11:50-12:20    Tadeusz Iwaniec (Syracuse, New York)

                           Quasiharmonic Fields with Unbounded Distortion

Saturday, 15 May

* 08:30-18:00    There will be an excursion to the north of the country.

Sunday, 16 May

Morning session

* 09:00-09:50    Serguei Vodop'yanov (Novosibirsk, Russia)

                          Quasiregular Mapping on Carnot Groups

* 10:00-11:00 Discussion

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