Geometric and Topological Aspects
of Functional Analysis

19-22 May, 2002

Haifa, Israel

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This conference will honor the memory of our friend and colleague Yaki Sternfeld, who passed away on March 24, 2001, after a long and heroic struggle. The conference is sponsored by the University of Haifa and the Center for Mathematical Sciences at the Technion, and will be held on both campuses during May 19-22, 2002.  The conference will deal with geometric and topological aspects of functional analysis, including topics related to some (but certainly not all) of Yaki's research interests (dimension theory, fixed point theory, nonlinear functional analysis, spaces of continuous functions).

Scientific Committee : Yoav Benyamini, Joram Lindenstrauss, Edward Odell, Aleksander Pelczynski, Shlomo Reisner, Haskell Rosenthal and Henryk Torunczyk.

Organizing Committee : Jonathan Arazy, Yoav Benyamini, Yehoram Gordon, Victor Harnik, Simeon Reich and Shlomo Reisner.

For further information :
Sylvia Schur (Secretary)
Department of Mathematics
Technion-Israel Insitutute of Technology
32000 Haifa, Israel
fax: 972 4 829 3388
phone: 972 4 829 4278

The deadline for registration is April 7, 2002. Please make every effort to mail/email your form in time to ensure that it reaches us before that date. The conference will commence on the morning of Sunday, May 19, 2002, so participants should reach Haifa by Saturday evening.

Airport arrival

 A "sherut" (shared taxi service) by the Amal Taxi Co. provides transport from Ben Gurion Airport direct to your hotel in Haifa. The cost is about $12.00, including service charges and the service is available at all times. However, it can cost more if there are not enough passsengers. There is also a bus service from Ben-Gurion Airport to Haifa (bus No. 947) available daily from 6:30 to 20:40 hours, except for Saturdays and holidays. On Fridays and the eves of holidays public transport stops before 16:00. Bus fare costs about $8.00 (payable only in Israeli shekels) per person, and a taxi from the Haifa central bus station to your hotel costs about the same. There is also a special taxi service to Haifa available at the airport for about $70.00 per taxi (at night the price is higher). PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS YEAR THE HOLIDAY OF SHAVUOT FALLS ON FRIDAY, MAY 17.

Transportation from Haifa to the airport on your departure can be arranged for about $12.00. This airport shuttle, however, functions only at night and at certain times during the day. There is also a good bus service.

We have succeeded in obtaining hotel rooms for conference participants at one of Haifa's leading hotels at a very special price ($70 per night for a single room  and $45 per person for two people sharing a double room). The price includes breakfast and service charges. These rates also apply to periods directly before and after the conference. In order to benefit from the special conference rates, please complete the enclosed registration form and mail/email it so as to reach us no later than April 7, 2002.  The hotel is very well situated and includes a swimming pool, fitness club and computer facilities. We can also arrange alternative cheaper accommodation if requested.

Currency exchange
Changing currency in Israel is expensive due to bank charges. We do not, however, recommend that you buy Israeli currency abroad. We suggest that you pay your hotel bill in foreign currency (which will also save you the 17% value added tax). We also advise you to limit your currency exchanges to a minimum as a bank charge is made on each exchange, in addition to the charge made for each traveller's check cashed.
Possibly the best way to save is through the use of a credit card. All major credit cards are widely accepted in Israel.

Climate and clothing
The weather in Haifa in May is warm and sunny with temperatures at about 28 degrees Celsius. Humidity is moderate and there is very little chance of rain.  Light clothing and informal dress are recommended.