International Conference

Wetting: Theory and Experiment

3-7 July, 2005

Technion, Haifa, Israel

with support from the

Minerva Center for Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems

and the

RTN network (under contract HPRN-CT-2002-00274)
"Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Describing Front Propagation
and Other Singular Phenomena"

The goal of the conference is to exchange information and discussion among numerous people interested in this field and coming from various disciplines, with an emphasis on the analytical and the asymptotic, the theoretical as well as the experimental.

:   Amy Novick-Cohen, Alexander Nepomnyashchy, and Leonid Pismen.

Scientific Committee:  M. Ben Amar, S. Davis, L. Giacomelli, G. Gruen, J. King, D. Mukamel, A. Nepomnyashchy, A. Novick-Cohen,  L. Pismen, Y. Pomeau, D. Quere.

Invited speakers include: J. Barrett, M. Ben Amar, E. Bormashenko, H. Diamant, J. Eggers, S. Garoff, F. Ginelli, A. Golovin, G. Gruen,   H. Hinrichsen, D. Ioffe, W. Kaplan, M. Kitron-Belinkov, M. Levine, J. L. Lebowitz, S. Lipson, A. Marmur, J. McCuan, E. Minkov, A. Neimark, S. Nguyen,  Y. Pomeau,  H. Riegler,  M. Schatzman, L. Schwartz, A. Shishkov,  U.Thiele, A. Vilenkin, B. Widom, A. Yochelis.

Accommodations: Accommodations will be available on campus for about $40 per day (with breakfast available nearly for about $3) as well as the Dan Panorama Hotel on the Carmel in Haifa at about $65 (single), $85 (double) per day with breakfast  (these are conferences rate which may rise by $5 by July, Israelis should add VAT to hotel costs). There will be daily transportation to and from the hotel to the Technion during the period of the conference. Further specifics regarding accommodations will be posted in early 2005.

Transportation to and from the airport: In addition to taxis, buses, and airport minibus services, there is now a convenient train directly from the airport to Haifa running Sundays through midday Fridays for about $10 one way which takes about 1 hour 15 min.

For further information:

Yael Cohen, Conference Coordinator

Department of Mathematics

Technion-Israel Insitutute of Technology

32000 Haifa, Israel


phone: 972 4 829 4278

fax: 972 4 829 3388