Applications of Representation Theory

to Analytic Number Theory

DECEMBER 20-22 2005


This conference is devoted to the use of representation theory of Lie groups in problems of Analytic Number Theory such as moments of zeta functions, bounds on L-functions, summation formulas, etc.

Invited Speakers:

R. Bruggeman (Mathematisch Instituut Universiteit Utrech), E. Lapid (Hebrew U. Jerusalem),

Z. Mao (Rutgers U. Newark), R. Miatello (Ciudad U, Cordoba), S. Miller (Hebrew U. Jerusalem),
Y. Motohashi (Nihon U. Tokyo), A. Reznikov (Bar Ilan U. Ramat Gan), Z. Rudnick (Tel Aviv U.),

P. Sarnak (Princeton, New Jersey), A. Venkatesh (NYU, New York), N. Wallach (UC San Diego),
Nigel Watt (Royal Holloway, U. of London)



organized and sponsored by


Center for Mathematical Sciences

Organizing Committee: M. Baruch, Z. Mao, N. Wallach

For further information please contact:


Prof. Moshe Baruch


Ms. Yael Cohen

Conference Coordinator

Department of Mathematics

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa, 32000, Israel


Phone: 972-4-829-4278

Fax: 972-4-8293388