Non-local Effects in Pattern-Forming Systems

"The wake structure of a flapping flag"
J. Zhang

The workshop will be dedicated to the memory of our collegues Alexander Golovin and George Zaslavsky

June 16-22, 2009

Amado Mathematics Building, Auditorium 232

Technion, Haifa, Israel


The goal of the conference is to exchange information and discussion among numerous people interested in this field and coming from various disciplines, with an emphasis on the analytical and the asymptotic, the theoretical as well as the experimental.

:   Alexander Golovin (1962-2008), Alexander Nepomnyashchy, and Amy Novick-Cohen.

Scientific CommitteeB. Coleman, K. Lindenberg, B. Matkowsky, A. Mikhailov, I. Sokolov, Vit. Volpert.

Invited speakers include: I. Aranson, M. Bär, D. Ben-Avraham, E. ben-Naim, P. Colli, D. del-Castillo-Negrete, A. Domoshnitsky, O. Gendelman, I. Goldhirsch, Y. Heifetz, D. Hilhorst, D. Ioffe, A. Iomin, I. Kevrekidis, J. Klafter, P. Krapivsky, K. Lindenberg, B. Malomed, B. Matkowsky, B. Meerson, E. Meron, R. Metzler, C. Muratov, Y. Nec, B. Paneach, A. Pikovsky, L. Pismen, Y. Pomeau, V. Rom-Kedar, H. Rotstein, T. Saavina, M. Sheintuch, M. Silber, G. Sivashinsky, I. Sokolov, U. Stefanelli, Vit. Volpert, Vl. Volpert, D. Weihs, M. Zaks, J. Zhang, V. Zykov.


Preliminary registration:  If you are potentially interested in attending the conference, fill out the attached preliminary registration form, and fax/e-mail/post it back to the CMS, and you will receive further conference updates and details. Please feel free to bring the conference to the attention of other people you know.

Accommodations: The CMS has made accommodation arrangements at various hotels in Haifa. There will be daily transportation to and from the hotels to the Technion during the period of the conference.

Transportation to and from the airport:

- A shuttle run by "Amal Taxi Co." provides transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to Haifa. The cost is 56 Israeli Shekels (about $16) and the service is available around the clock.

- There is now a convenient train directly from the airport to Haifa running Sundays through midday Fridays for about $10 one way which takes about 1 hour 15 min. For details please go to: www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/HomePage.aspx (Origin station: Ben Gurion airport, Destination: Haifa, Hof HaKarmel (first arrival terminal in Haifa). Upon arriving in Haifa, you will need to take a taxi from the train station to your hotel; the day fare is about 40 Israeli Shekels.

- Taxi from the Airport to Haifa will cost about $80 (night fare is higher).


For further information:

Yael Cohen, Conference Coordinator
Department of Mathematics
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
32000 Haifa, Israel
phone: 972 4 829 4278
fax: 972 4 829 3388