Why Knot? 

The mathematics of knots, links and braids

Workshop for graduate and advanced undergraduate students

6-10 September 2009, Technion, Haifa (Israel)

Local organizing committee: Michael Entov, Michael Polyak, Michah Sageev


The workshop's aim is to introduce graduate and advanced undergraduate students to a variety of subjects centered around the study of knots, links and braids. The required prerequisites are familiarity with the basic material taught in undergraduate courses in mathematics.

The talks will be given by Dorit Aharonov (Hebrew U.), Michael Entov (Technion), Cameron Gordon (U. of Texas, Austin), Ruth Lawrence (Hebrew U.), Vladimir Lin (Technion), Yoav Moriah (Technion), Tahl Nowik (Bar-Ilan U.), Peter Ozsvath (Columbia U.), Michael Polyak (Technion), Uzi Vishne (Bar-Ilan U.) and Barak Weiss (Ben-Gurion U.). All the lectures will be held in the Amado Building (where the Technion Math Department is located). A detailed workshop program will be published later.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to cover travel expenses of the workshop participants. We do have very limited funds to cover participants' local expenses and we can also assist the participants with finding accomodation in Haifa. In order to register for the workshop, please fill out the registration form and send it to  Why "DOT" Knot "DOT" 09"AT" gmail "DOT"com (replace "DOT" and "AT" by the appropriate symbols) by 1 August 2009. For further information please contact the organizers at the above email address.

List of speakers and topics

Getting to the Technion:

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