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Functional Analysis


A conference in honour of Evgeniy Pustylnik



                                      We will meet at the Technion to mark and celebrate 50 years

                                      of Evgeniy's inspiring research and teaching.

                                      The main events will be on Thursday May 19, 2011,

                                      with some additional activities on May 18 and 20.



             List of speakers:


             Jonathan Arazy, University of Haifa

             Yuri Brudnyi, Technion

             Joaquim Martin, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

             Boris Paneah, Technion

             Pavel Shvartsman, Technion

             Leonid Zelenko, University of Haifa


PROGRAM                                    ABSTRACTS




                     Michael Cwikel, Simeon Reich, and Alexander Zaslavski


                     mcwikel at, sreich at, ajzasl at




For further administrative information please contact:
Yael Cohen, Conference Coordinator
Phone: +972-(0)4-8294278
Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388