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Coloring Graphs at the Technion

Graph Coloring and Chi –boundedness with Algebra, Topology and Probability





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July 27-31, 2014

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa, Israel


The goal of this informal workshop is to bring together researchers in an attempt of a focused attack on some long standing problems in graph coloring. The workshop will deal with variants on classical graph coloring, and related problems, such as cooperative colorings, χ-boundedness, Reed's conjecture and strong colorings.

We have gathered a group of experts in a broad spectrum of areas of Discrete Mathematics, and we hope to benefit from their diverse branches of expertise. Thus, we expect to use approaches such as topological methods, structural tools and the probabilistic method.


Supported by the Elisha Netanyahu Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics


Organizers: Ron Aharoni, Eli Berger, Maria Chudnovsky, Roy Meshulam        


For further administrative information please contact: Eline Zehavi, Workshop Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294278 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: