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Mapping Class Groups and Teichmüller Theory

May 7-14, 2014

Nahsholim sea side resort & Ramat Hanadiv, Israel

May 7th and May 9th lectures will take place in Nahsholim, all other days, lectures will take place at Ramat Hanadiv  






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The conference will bring together researchers studying the geometry of mapping class groups, with researchers studying the geometry and dynamics of Teichmüller space and related moduli spaces to discuss currents trends on the interface of these areas.

The conference will open with three introductory mini-courses:

"Complexes related to Mapping Class Groups"- Mladen Bestvina


"Introduction to dynamics on the moduli space of translation surfaces"- Barak Weiss


"Mapping class group invariant metrics on higher Teichmüller spaces"-

Martin Bridgeman and Dick Canary

In addition talks on current developments in these areas will also be given.

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A registration fee of 210$ / 720 ILS will be collected in cash


Organizers: Tobias Hartnick, Michah Sageev

Scientific committee: Uri Bader, Jeff Brock, Tobias Hartnick, Michah Sageev



Partially supported by the National Science Foundation, Sponsor Number: DMS-1439369, Award Number: 003925, Grant Number: GR526268





For further administrative information please contact: Eline Zehavi, Workshop Coordinator

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