Staff Card

Alexander Nepomnyashchy

The Vivian and Sidney Konigsberg Academic Chair

Photo of Alexander Nepomnyashchy

Professor Emeritus

Selected Publications

A.A. Nepomnyashchy, Stability of the wavy regimes in the film flowing down an inclined plane, Fluid Dynamics 9 (1974), 354-359.

A.A. Nepomnyashchy, On the stability of the secondary flows of the viscous fluid in the unbounded space, J. Appl. Math. Mech. 40 (1976), 836-841.

Yu.A. Nepomnyashchy, A.A. Nepomnyashchy, Infrared divergence in the field theory of a Bose system with a condensate, Sov. Phys. JETP 48 (1978), 493-501.

B.A. Malomed, A.A. Nepomnyashchy and M.I. Tribelsky, Two-dimensional quasiperiodic structures in nonequilibrium systems, Sov. Phys. JETP 69 (1989), 388-396.

G.Z. Gershuni, E.M. Zhukhovitsky and A.A. Nepomnyashchy, Stability of convective flows. Nauka, Moscow, 1989. In Russian.

B.A. Malomed, A.A. Nepomnyashchy and M.I. Tribelsky, Domain boundaries in convective patterns, Phys. Rev. A 42 (1990), 7244-7264.

I.B. Simanovskii and A.A. Nepomnyashchy, Convective instabilities in systems with an interface. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, Switherland et al., 1993.